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The most versatile carpet shampoo available; it offers a combination of high-foaming synthetic wetting and drying agents. It gives total carpet cleaning and protection.
Tab has optical brighteners and anti-static properties to prevent annoying shocks, and contains soil retardants to prolong carpet cleanliness.
12 x 1.2 liter per case
6 x 2 liters per case

USE: Carpet Shampoo
The most versatile carpet shampoo available, it is a combination of high - foaming synthetic wetting & drying agents. All ingredients were chosen with great care to provide the user with a versatile product that might be used either as a dry residue which can easily be vacuumed away or as a foam shampoo. In other words, this product may be used as a dry or wet type shampoo dependent upon dilution and equipment. Therefore, the formulation provides the customer with unique performance substantial versatility - and can be utilized with various equipment. 

This product, rather than utilizing just one cleaner, it utilizes a cleaner complex. Therefore, multiple cleaners were chosen to provide different cleaning properties. To illustrate - a specific cleaner agent was chosen for its ability to penetrate - another to act as a carrying agent - another to provide dispersion, thereby facilitating deep & thorough penetration. This cleaner complex makes the formula highly effective against, grease, oil, and various soils. 

An optical brightener has been incorporated to assist in restoring original carpet color tones. Optical brighteners perform by magnifying the light reflection from an object user will gain the impression of not only cleanliness after using this product but in addition receive a greater light reflection which enhances appearance. 

A soil retardant agent has been incorporated. This agent fills microscopic holes in fibers which would normally be filled with dirt particles. Soil retardants - definitely tend to prolong carpet cleanliness by reducing absorbent action thereby permitting less dirt to accumulate. 

Anti-static properties in TAB carpet shampoo have been achieved through the selection of raw materials rather than additives. This is a highly important point for the majority of anti-static additives tend also to act as lubricants, thereby increasing resoilability. 

- Remove furniture from area to be shampooed.
- Dry vacuum entire area thoroughly.
- Dilute shampoo with lukewarm water according to directions below.
- Pre-scrub corners with brush dipped in diluted shampoo. 
- For normal soil, dilute 1 part shampoo into 10 parts water.
- For greasy or heavily trafficked areas, dilute 1 part shampoo into 8 parts water.
Shampoo in one pass of the machine, up in one direction, then back, overlapping about two inches. If carpet is heavily soiled, a second pass may be used. 

- For normal soil, dilute 1 part shampoo into 16 parts water.
- For grease or heavy soil, dilute 1 part shampoo into 12 parts water.
Shampoo across carpet, overlapping passes. Double scrub heavily soiled areas, but do not release more shampoo. Avoid over wetting carpet. To obtain maximum appearance and quickest drying time, use wet-dry vacuum to remove foam and set pile. Brush carpet pile in one direction with carpet pile brush. Avoid walking on carpet until thoroughly dry. If furniture is replaced before the carpet is dry, place cardboard pads under legs. When carpet is dry, vacuum thoroughly. 

- For normal soil, dilute 1 part shampoo into 10 parts water.
- For greasy or heavily trafficked areas, dilute 1 part shampoo into 8 parts water.
Apply manually by using scrubbing brush. 

- Active Ingredients: Anionic Surfactant, Antistatic Additive, Optical Brightener, Fragrance, Preservative.
- pH (concentrate): 9 - 10.
- Specific gravity: 1.058.
- Density: 8.82 Ibs / gallon.
- Viscosity: water thin.
- Free oil: none.
- Flash point: >100° C (TCC).
- Storage Stability: at room temperature - in excess of two years
- Miscibility - completely soluble in all proportions with hot or cold water; forms emulsions with oils and water insoluble solvents.
- Biodegradable. 

Tab carpet care shampoo is packaged in polyethylene bottles (12 x 1.2 liter per case) or (6 x 2 liters per case) and (20 liters pails). 

Spartan's modern manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. All products manufactured by Spartan Chemical Co. are unconditionally guaranteed when used as directed.