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Highly effective, reliable and cost-saving solution to the problem of blocked drains. Simple to use and safe for all pipes, it clears the clogs in the bathroom and kitchen and disinfects at the same time.
12 x 900 gr. per case

USE: Drain Opener
QUICK is a liquid drain opener used for clogged drains without harming plastic or metal pipes. 

- Remove all water in sink basin before pouring into drain.
- Protect eyes, clothing, and wear rubber gloves.
- Pour half a cup (50cc) of QUICK and allow to stand 15 minutes.
- Add several half cups of cold water to assure proper activation.
- After 5 minutes run water and if not running freely, repeat process.
- Use QUICK once a week to insure free running of sinks. 

- Active Ingredients: Inorganic sulfur, Non-lonic surfactant, corrosion inhibitor, Additives.
- Flash Point: 340°C (644°F).
- Storage Stability: at room temperature - in excess of two years.
- Phosphate-free.
- Biodegradable.
- Harmless to environment. 
- Do not use other chemicals before or after QUICK.
- Do not use in toilet bowls if water is not removed, as reaction with water generate high temperature which may causes bowl to crack.
- This product may dull stainless steel.
- Never use a plunger with or after this product.
- Do not add water or any other product to QUICK bottle.
- Wear glosses & glasses.
- Harmful if taken internally.
- Keep away from children's reach. 

- Internal: seek medical help immediately.
- In case of skin contact: irrigate well with water. 

For every U.S quart (920 ml) of QUICK dilute with Ten liters of water and dispose in sewage. 

QUICK is packaged in polyethylene of 900 grams each bottles: (12 x 900 gr. per case). 

Spartan's modern manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. All products manufactured by Spartan Chemical Co. are unconditionally guaranteed when used as directed.