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Removes stains, rust, and organic build-up as it disinfects and deodorizes. Phosphate free, biodegradable and environment friendly.
12 x 1 liter per case
 4 x 1 gallon

USE: Germicidal Bowl Cleanse

- Disinfects against dangerous bacteria found in toilet bowls and urinals.
- Removes tough stains, rust and scale.
- Contains a special corrosion inhibitor, which protects plumbing.
- Contains special detergents for deep down cleaning action to leave surfaces sparkling clean.
- Safe for use on all vitreous china surfaces, toilets and urinals.
- FLASH does not retard the bacterial action of septic tanks. The high dilution of water and organic matter in the tank neutralizes the acidic effects. 

Regular use of FLASH eliminates possible buildup of heavy dirt and scale in addition to protecting metal pipes, traps and drains. FLASH contains both hydrogen chloride and quaternary ammonium chloride to destroy dangerous bacteria found in toilets and urinals. FLASH is registered in the U. S. A. with the environmental protection agency as a disinfectant under E.P.A. Registration N° 5741 -11. 

The breakdown of organic matter embedded in scale or lime deposits creates unpleasant restroom odors. FLASH not only removes these deposits but destroys the bacteria which cause the odors. FLASH is an effective deodorizer, it does not mask the odors, but eliminates them. 

FLASH quickly and easily removes rust and hard water deposits from the toilet or urinal. The powerful detergent System lifts off and emulsifies soil and leaves the surface sparkling clean. 
- Active Ingredients: Quaternary Ammonium Chloride, Hydrogen Chloride, Non-lonic Surfactant, corrosion inhibitor,
- Form: liquid.
- Color: white emulsion.
- Viscosity: water thin.
- Storage Stability: at room temperature - in excess of two years.
- Phosphate-free.
- Biodegradable.
- Listed by the USDA in category P for use in toilets & dressing rooms. Environmental protection agency registration N° 5741 -11. 

keep away from children's reach. 

- Internal: Drink a spoon of magnesia and milk and get medical attention.
- Eyes & Skin: Wash with lots of water. 

Plastic containers & caps are recyclable.
FLASH is packaged in one liter polyethylene plastic bottle: (12 x 1 liter per case), in U.S Gallons (4 x 1 gallon) and into 20 & 30 Liter pails. 

Spartan's modern manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. All products manufactured by Spartan Chemical Co. are unconditionally guaranteed when used as directed.