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Highly effective liquid detergent made specially for use in restaurants, hotels and other institutions. Excellent in removing grease, baked-on food and food stains from dishes, glasswear, pots and pans. Leaves pots and pans squeaky clean and glassware sparkling.
20 liters pails
30 liters pails

USE: Dishwashing liquid
DAX unique surfactant System rapidly emulsifies & removes animal fat, grease, vegetable oil, blood, smoke film and other soils. 

DAX is developed especially for hotels, restaurants, schools and institutions. The product's rapid cleaning and degreasing properties and free rinsing characteristic saves labor time. It rinses well with hot or cool, hard or soft water leaving surfaces odorless & film free. 

- Active Ingredients: Active Surfactant, Wetting agent, Soap, Foam Boosters, Viscosity Booster, Fragrance, Color, Preservative.
- Flash point: none.
- Miscibility: completely soluble in all portions with hot or cold water; forms emulsions with oils and water insoluble solvents.
- Storage Stability: at room temperature - in excess of two years.
- Toxicity: neither a primary cutaneous irritant nor a sensitizer.
- Phosphate-free.
- Biodegradable. 
Keep away from children's reach. 

- Internal: drink milk
- Eyes & Skin: irrigate well with water 

Plastic containers and caps are recyclable. DAX is packaged in polyethylene plastic containers of 20 & 30 Liters pails. 

Spartan's modem manufacturing and laboratory control insure uniform quality. All products manufactured by Spartan Chemical Co. are unconditionally guaranteed when used as directed.